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Wild blueberries picked by hand in the alpine tundra of Hatcher Pass, range-raised beef from the pastures of Delta Junction, specialty breeds of hot-house tomatoes from Midvalley Greenhouse: We continue to discover the freshest, most flavorful food from around here. In Alaska, only three percent of the food we consume is from our state. Our primary goal is to support Alaska's local farmers, fishers & foragers — some of the kindest, most generous & resilient people we've ever met — in hopes we can help expand Alaska's food security & lead the way to a more sustainable future; whether that's through no-till barley farming in Delta, indigenous-owned fish camps on the Kenai Peninsula, or low-impact foraging in the

temperate forests of the Mat-Su Valley.

We currently serve a 3-course dinner (with additional options) for $60pp, Thursday-Saturday evenings, and Sunday brunch from 10 am-3 pm. Reservations are highly recommended but not required for either dinner or brunch.



Oyster Night


5:00 - 9:00

6 Alaskan Oysters - Raw or Baked - with a Glass of Prosecco 



Additional Courses, Cocktails, Beer & Wine Available





5:00 & 7:00

Friday & Saturday

4:00, 6:00 & 8:00


Additional Courses, Cocktails, Beer & Wine Available

Brunch Drinks-1_VSCO.JPG



10:00 - 3:00

No Minimum Seat Charge

Brunch Classics, Build-Your-Own Options, Espresso Drinks, Cocktails, Beer & Wine



Heather and Luke have been dreaming of bringing something great to Palmer, Alaska for years, now. Both grew up in the Mat-Su Valley of South Central Alaska, where family farms meet towering mountains and braided rivers. While the scenery is breathtaking, the small towns littered with franchises leave something to be desired in the way of cuisine. After a childhood fraught with cancer treatments, Heather has spent her adulthood learning all she could about cooking and flavor. She started at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Arizona and worked her way through kitchens until she was able to start her food truck, I Dough Know. Her gourmet doughnut truck was a raving success and opened her eyes to the hunger Alaskans have for food made with care. Luke, on the other hand, studied journalism, traveled the world, and started a creative services business, through which he honed his craft in photography, videography, graphics, and interior design. While both have very different talents and interests — Heather in food and Luke in design — the pair of scrappy Alaskans have decided to use their collective powers to offer something that's missing — flavor — to the great people of the Last Frontier.

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Feather & Flour is a small, 1950s house-turned-restaurant in downtown Palmer, Alaska — a tight community of farmers, artists, oil-field workers, and mountain people. With Heather's passion for food and Luke’s love of gardening, design, hospitality, and almost everything else, we hope to build a place that the community of Palmer can be proud of and share with the many visitors that come to the state. As Alaska is so remote, we'll be focusing on forming relationships with the farmers, foragers, and fishers here to build a sustainable supply chain and guarantee freshness. 

Palmer has a rich history as the home of the Dena'ina people, who have stewarded its forests and river banks for more than a thousand years. In 1935 the settlement of Palmer received 203 new families — displaced by the Dust Bowl and The Great Depression — who were the spark for its agricultural future. The rich soil, combined with long summer days, allowed several families to make permanent homesteads of their claims. Since then, the town has grown to be the home of farmers, oil field workers, miners, artists, and educators. Bordered by two glacial rivers, the Matanuska and Knik, and surrounded by the Chugach and Talkeetna Range, Palmer has also become a popular outdoor recreation destination. The continuing wildness of Alaska sustains a thriving subsistence harvesting lifestyle for both the indigenous people and the residents of the state. Our goal here at Feather & Flour is to preserve the best parts of this place while adding to its beauty.



All of our dishes are inspired and made possible by the Alaskan fishers, foragers, and farmers that provide us with top-notch ingredients, all produced in-state. Alaska is a surprisingly bountiful place to those who think of it as dark and cold (which it is, too). We're able to source all of our animal products — including fish, shellfish, pork, eggs, and milk — as well as veggies, fruits, mushrooms, honey, and barley grain, all within a 5-hour drive of the restaurant. Some things — like vanilla, coffee, tea, and sugar — aren't available in the near-arctic, but we're striving to find ethical sources for goods that aren't from around here.



Using Alaskan ingredients means we have to be especially flexible with the seasons. Our menu will be ever-changing as we react to the seasonal harvests, yield fluctuations, and shelf life of each ingredient. While summer menus will be full of bright greens, beautiful tomatoes, and fresh berries — winters will feature grains, mushrooms, hearty root veggies, seafood, preserved berries, and microgreens grown via hydroponics. 

In addition to food, we also serve coffee, tea, juices, aperitifs, beer, and wine. Our drink menu will be just as seasonal; but, as our citrus has to be sourced from out of state anyway, you'll always be able to count on there being a mimosa in the house.

We'll be doing our best to cater to a variety of dietary restrictions by providing vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options or alternatives. Keep in mind, though, that our kitchens are very small (you'll understand when you see the house for the first time), and because of this, we can't guarantee safety for people with severe allergies or intolerance. That said, we'll do our very best to ensure you're safe when you note your restriction to one of our servers.




Reservations are the best way to guarantee a seat at Feather & Flour. When you book through EatApp you can select a time for a 2-8 person party and leave notes on special requests, dietary restrictions, or if you're coming with kids. You can find our reservation system through Google, Instagram, or via the button below.

If you have a party larger than 8, please call so that we can work out the best setup. Walk-ins are always welcome, but the size of our restaurant can make wait times especially long. Feel free to call ahead or check the reservation app for updated availability.




While food is our number one priority, we know the experience wouldn't be complete without some gear. We're striving to find gear with a low environmental impact — all of our tees, towels, and bags are 100% organic cotton, sans microplastics.

Online orders are shipped directly to you! We suggest using that extra time to gather up some clothing donations, assuming you have a couple of tees to spare.

Not all products seen in-house are available online. Feel free to come in, grab a bite, and add some gear to your bill. Our in-house merch is by EVERYBODY.WORLD, an ethical, USA-based manufacturer that uses discarded cotton with a hyper-local supply chain.

E-gift cards are available for food & in-house purchases online through Square, our Point-of-Sale system. Gift cards cannot be used to purchase gear online.

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